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Should You Pay Your Bride Price?

Unlike the Indians where women pay bride price, in Africa, a man should fork out his savings plus what his parents have prepared for him to pay for his wife-to-be. Different cultures have different demands ...
February 19, 2020
My Opinion

When Is The Right Time For A Man To Marry?

I cannot count how many times I tried explaining this to ladies, men and single people who have paused this question. I still believe that men have a clock (just like women) and when it’s ...
February 17, 2020

Why 1969 Valentine Remains My Best.

Today, we are dealing with more perceptional relationships that real ones we had in the 50s, 60s and maybe 70s if war series hadn’t interfered with how we communicated. During our years, we kept time ...
February 14, 2020
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Valentine Is A Waste of Time

For all the years that I have existed, I have noticed people wasting money to do the obvious things and what is expected of them to their partners. I do not see the whole point ...
February 13, 2020
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Girlfriend, I Am Sorry Locusts Ate Your Valentine Flowers

If you are in Kenya or Uganda, you know what that headline means. Broke men finally have a genuine excuse not to buy flowers for their girlfriends, fiancees or side chics/side niggers this Valentine’s Day. ...
February 11, 2020