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South African Airways Cancels Flights to Uganda

Yesterday, I and my friend Vicky were planning on visiting Cape Town this October and were trying to find cheaper flights to the Southern African nation; our first thoughts going with SouthAfrican Airways. We navigated ...
February 9, 2020

This Year’s Travel Month We Go To Zanzibar

I am so obsessed with this lovely island. It will be my third time I step on this former slavery hub. But this time, I am not going alone. I started a travel group that ...
January 23, 2020

Worst Reviews For Kenya Airways

Before I book any flight, I check out people’s reviews on different flights to the intended destinations. Kenya Airways, also known as KQ has had the worst reviews whenever I check it out on social ...
January 22, 2020

Where The Ocean Goes Dry.

This is probably the strangest thing I ever saw on my recent travel to Mombasa. When I was a kid (even today), I was told of how Mombasa was the hub of witchcraft. We heard ...
January 16, 2020