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Dear Tanasha Donna, Diamond Has Fame, I Have Game

In 2018, I visited NRG radio, a station based in Nairobi, Kenya where I saw this yellow babe. In a split of seconds, the purpose of the visit vanished off my head and continued staring ...
March 11, 2020
My Opinion

Ban Labia Stretching – Hon. Ms Peace Mutuuzo

As silly as how the title sounds, that’s how our dear country, the Pearl of Uganda is. Yes, we are because we are judged by looking at those who head the nation. I sometimes want ...
February 6, 2020


Some of you are well endowed with nice fat pumpkins at the bottom of your back but decide to misuse them by walking in no pants and using them for “Uganda Zaabu” calling out on ...
January 12, 2020

Before You Vist Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Vist The Toilet

I know you are wondering why I had to shout that in caps. Believe me, if Facebook had an option to make it bold I would make it. Let me tell you why. In 1940, ...
January 7, 2020