What I Need Before Traveling. #Trave4Fun

Three things I need before I think of traveling to any destination:
1. My Camera
2. My Crazy Person/Model
3. The Destination Must Have A beach, Preferably The Coast.

I guess I know answer the question most of my friends ask me about local tourism. I just love coastal life.

When I have a camera, I tend to take random images of people and nature. In Mombasa, I enjoyed the photoshoots because I had a couple of models and the beach was really free. This gave me time to direct and come up with a a couple of good shots.

This year, I have Greece, Zanzibar, Dar Es Salam and Diani to go to. If any of you will be at these places, we keep in touch and make these trips memorable.

Let’s make this happen.
Daron Bartlett

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