My Thoughts on The Trek, No Gowns, Megxit and LiVARpool Win

I am eager to know if President Museveni’s feet are swollen after the 6-day trek. The last time I tried walking from Mukono to Namugongo on Martyrs’ Day, everyone thought I had elephantiasis.

The president did a fantastic job preaching the NRM cause to fight, making promises like he usually does towards elections and giving some political beggers some money.

Did the trek have an impact? Definitely yes, Museveni knows what to do to stay in power (i’m not sure he will break Qaboos bin Said Al Said who was the Sultan of Oman from 23 July 1970 until his death; making it 50 years). All in all, he showed us young boys who drink beer for a living that he is more fit.

No Graduation Gowns for Makerere University Students

I am a bit worried our classic university may go back to strikes (just they always find a reason to strike every semester) if they graduate without gowns. Recently news circulated that the heads of the institution had told the students to wear anything because the most important thing was the transcript not gown.

I agree with these old people. In 1970 when I was graduating, I walked 10km to the university to celebrate my 4 years of learning Law. On arrival, I was dripping of sweat from the ‘Janworry’ sun and its poverty.
I sat right at the gate to dry up and matched in to pick my document after they had called everyone to receive their performance documents. I went back home to a full chicken that has been slaughtered for my achievement. Shouldn’t food be the ultimate goal for the day?


If there is anything that is trying to divert us from the possible World War III, then it’s this Megxit. I hope I be the last guy to write about this marriage and family split. Can we say it’s a decision by adults who want ti stay away from the glorious life? Meghan is an actor who has passion to do what deposits money into her account. Harry is a jumpy boy who is here and there because he knows at the end of the day, he will not rule UK plus its colonial subjects.

Why are we even using “Megxit” and not “Harryxit”?


This season is probably what LiVARpool was waiting for to win their first league trophy after 30 years. They have or the Video Asistant Referee is the 12 person on the pitch.

I want to apply this knowledge when dealing with family matters to ensure we have the right budgets for the home and also to deal with domestic issues. I must look into these issues to win over my family.

Great Week
Daron Bartlett

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