What I make of #Megxit (Meghan and Harry Quit Royal Duties)

Yesterday, Meghan and Harry published a statement on their social media platform that they will step back from their royal duties to pursue different carries.

Relationship analysts, political writers, online jury and all kinds of news contributors came up with theories that could have led Harry and Meghan to quit their prestigious duties; Piers dropping probably the most insensitive tweet.

Piers Morgan’s tweet.

What do I learn:

“The disrespect that comes with all this ‘Royalty’ isn’t what I deserve. These are simply earthly things that will be passed on to an heir””How about I go where the media won’t poke their noses in our business, where no one will judge my wife – making her look like she will lead a coupe to take over the kingdom. We can take care of ourselves.” are the words I assume went through his head.

This young man is simply protecting his young marriage after all his not close to the throne. If any chance, it means William and the whole family must pass on to heaven but it also doesn’t look like William’s fertility is going down soon since he is having babies after every 2 years.

I think the queen should let them go and discover their own lives since this isn’t the first time such a thing is happening. They shouldn’t be tied to do kingdom duties that they don’t care about. Meghan is an actress and Harry isn’t a poor boy. He can start a business and he will simply be fine.

Isn’t this the first time I have written something serioues?


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