Poverty Should Be Classified As A Form of Disability

Poverty should be classified as a form of disability, and consequently, some affirmative privileges extended.

Being poor you are always treated with suspicion. The rich always think that you are either about to borrow from them or even steal.

Just compare the kind of trust extended to the rich in their exclusive malls, eateries and hangouts.

The other day I was looking for a seat, to put a sofa in my manyata and emancipate my rear from over 8 years of slavery sitting on a plastic chair.

I decided to check out one of these rich guys furniture shops, and shock on the villager, the kind of threats you find on your regular ghetto furniture shops don’t exist.

A normal hustler supermarket and furniture shop has huge red warnings “DON’T SIT ON THE SOFA”, strategically placed. The carpet sections also warn of not stepping and if you do, with bare feet, clothes sections warning of not entering the dressing room with a handbag and other firms of mistreatment, all choreographed to show madharau and mistrust towards maskini.

On this particular place I went, a very colourful and welcoming messages of “PLEASE TRY ME OUT” were all over the exotic seats, inviting shoppers to sit and even sleep on the beds to feel their comfort before buying.

I need to get rich quickly and enjoy some of these privileges., If at all for nothing else, to be treated with some dignity.

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