Does Postinor Make Men Impotent?

After 50 years since I last engaged in coitus, I wanted to try out the new things this generation had created when it comes to matters between the bedsheets.

Of course, I had a prospect that always made sexual suggestions when she came to check on a friend in my neighbourhood but I had been ignoring her. I am way older and I knew that being 76 years old, I qualified as a grandfather and maybe an elder to her father.

I also had a name to protect since I father one of the ministers in this government. It would be sad to read headlines in all the nations’ daily that Minister….(name withheld)’s father kubombolas (a term we used at my previous place of work) sexy young girl fit to be a granddaughter or 76-year-old man smashes 27 year old.

I definitely trust my balling game and no woman can leave if they sampled what I have. My record of 15 children at 22 years speaks for itself and it’s the reason I took a break.

This one Friday evening during the lockdown, this girl came to my house because her friend hadn’t yet returned from work. She found me watching F1 on Superport 202 and suggested we watch movies as we wait for her friend.

I had no objection and put on one of the classics Raiders of the Lost Ark. For those who know this movie, 50 Shades of Grey falls short of romance and sex, 365 Days isn’t closer by any chance. We sat on my only couch and watched.

20mins into the movie, our hands were everywhere. I swang the babe on all the four walls of the living room in a hot romance, biting lips and tore off all clothes. The movie was clearly on its own after initiating it’s lucifa spirits in us.

In the process of getting crazy and performing different strokes of body romances, I accidentally hit my head on the edge of couch that I slightly bled. We briefly stopped and she offered to press the wound and stop the swelling. She sent me to her handbag to pick pain killers.

Her handbag was an equivalent of a pharmacy but I picked out small tablets that looked familiar and swallowed. Minutes later, she noticed I had swallowed postinor instead of diclofenac. My heart collapsed because I knew exactly what postinor does.

Till today, I do not know what to expect. I’m lost in my world that I even didn’t know it’s election season.

My question is, How Does Postinor Affect Men?

If you have answers to this, please text me.

Yours Worried,


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