Vicky Received These Bangles & This Happened

You can never compete with a town boy regardless of what he does in the city as long as you are in the village.

My girlfriend and I were living in harmony in our village, Kakuuto sub-county, Kyotera. We met in a taxi while travelling from Masaka. Then, there were few cars on the routes that a taxi of 14 passengers would squeeze in 20 people and that’s how I sacrificed my laps for Vicky to sit on. I admit she was quite heavy that my femur bone hurt and I had to see a herbal doctor in the village.

It’s my kindness-in-pain that opened the gates to Vicky’s heart. I remember asking her why she chose me and she admitted that there is no man who ever did what I did. Those words of affirmation made me kick every rubbish on my way home, urinate on the grass by the roadsides just to rise the dust in the sky and feel good about the future with my bummy Vicky.

The End of Our Romance

Three months into our village affair, I had asked Vicky to meet me at Ssebaale’s shop for a chat and make plans for when we can “farm” in her wetland with “bananas”. I waited for close to 5 hours till 7pm and she didn’t turn up. That night was longer than the 12 hours we studied at school.

After a week of silence, I decided to go straight to her home to find out what could have happened. I knew her dad was a lion but I had enough excuses lined up to twist the reason.

Luckily, I found her 4km away from her home walking with some thin, afro guy who looked like dancer in Zaire’s best music export at the time, Franco Luambo. I didn’t give a damn so I pulled Vicky’s hand and asked why she hadn’t turned up at our joint.

Before she responded, this small guy kicked me in the back, jumped on me and landed punches on my face. I lost my 4 teeth in a defenceless fight and my eyes swell really big to notice whether it was night or day.

While lying down, I heard Vicky screaming insults at me of how I’m a worthless man with no money, a man who can’t buy her a petticoat, a man who has never been to Kampala. What collapsed my soul more was when she said Ronald (whatever the name of the guy was) bought her a bangle that meant so much to her and decided to leave.

Note to Men

You may need to fork coins out of your pockets to buy these small things for her or else someone will and she will be gone in a second.

Yours in Tough Memories,

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