I Stopped Receiving Cash From My Sugar Mummy And This Happened

I used to walk around the streets of Kampala shoulder high, eating from the best restaurants, attending corporate sports like golf, spending nights at the most expensive hotels and throw a few shillings at the top Kampala casinos, rubbing shoulders with people of status like the governor until COVID19 landed at the airport.

My circle of friends had narrowed to rich people only because my poor friends had nothing to add on me in terms of connections, and also I couldn’t borrow money from them in case I needed more to keep my lifestyle.

The question many were asking is where I got the money. I am here to stop the rumours. Yes, I had a sugar mummy who gave me everything I ever needed. My only job was to perform and I can confirm I never disappointed. In fact, she used to call me and remind me of how she ate my banana in B2C’s rhythm.

As the lockdown prolonged, sugar mummy was laid off her job and somehow, her pockets started to run dry gradually. She stopped sending me money for goat’s meat and pork. Her husband too wasn’t sending money to Uganda because he got stuck in Iran and he needed money more than us in Uganda.

The Ssebintu you knew who had a fat belly now has a potential six-pack as a result of poor feeding. I have completely lost weight and sugar mummy no longer picks my phones.

Now that you know, stop spreading fake news that I may have contracted a cocktail of conjugal diseases.

Setting the Record Straight,
Ssebitnu Daron.


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