Dear Tanasha Donna, Diamond Has Fame, I Have Game

In 2018, I visited NRG radio, a station based in Nairobi, Kenya where I saw this yellow babe. In a split of seconds, the purpose of the visit vanished off my head and continued staring at the babe for so long.

As a true Ssebintu (owner of things), I walked into the studio where she was and Introduced myself as Ssebintu Daron Bartlett, owner of things that are neglected, abandoned and also fresh thick thighs. She burst into laughter as I concluded pouring out my emotions. My short visit didn’t give me time to tell her about the mountains and rivers in Uganda.

A year later, I heard she was now being added on the Dangote over-stay female visitors called “wives”. I was disappointed but hadn’t given up because I knew, this small small Dangote’s son called Diamond Platinumz wouldn’t keep her for long. I definitely had a chance to reclaim my position.

After their breakup, I immediately asked my employers for leave and dashed to Nairobi to meet Tanasha. Her friends told me she had gone to Diani and gave me more details.

Reader, as you go through my paragraphs, I have won the race of taking care of Donna.

As usual, I don’t convince with lots of words. I went withy land titles like Mc Kats, showed her my future house and a few Zimbabwe dollars. She told me she wasn’t materialistic but isn’t ready for one thing, and in her own words:

T. Donna: Daron I do not want to get pregnant again.

Me: Baby worry less, I’m already pregnant for you with beer.

What a dream this was. Just woke up with my bed wet.

But dear Tanasha, if you are reading this, I have game, Diamond has fame. Let’s talk about this

Yours Still Dreaming,
Ssebintu Daron

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