Diamond Platinumz To Open A Whatsapp Group For His Exes

As we read this, Diamond Platinumz might be planning on starting a WhatsApp group for all his exes or baby mamas for easy management of his scattered family.

So far, he has successfully had children in all the three major East African countries and he surely stands a chance of becoming a citizen in either Kenya where he fathered a child with his latest ex, Tanasha Donna or Uganda where he managed to harvest 2 kids out of Zari.

The bongo flavour artist shocked the world yesterday (women’s day) when he put together different images of all his exes (I’m sure only those the media knows) in a collage and posted a Happy Women’s Day message on his Instagram. I do not understand Swahili but i do not need to know it to understand that what he did was simply out of this world.

Who in their sane mind gathers exes in one place like civil servants to be celebrated on a wall of fame and sends them the same message?

Despite all this, trust me, another girl will be victim, have the baby showers, get engaged to him and also ends in tears.

What kind of witchcraft does this guy use?

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