Debates At My Village – Work Husband/Wife

Sitted her at my home bar with my village-mates, talking politics, feminism, coronavirus and relationships. Such conversations, of course, become more engaging with a bottle of club beer.

Usually, I chair these conversations given that I’m the most educated man with a UCE certificate. For this particular week, I surrendered my chairmanship to Herny, an LDU officer on the village who is also well versed with what’s happening in the country.

He talked about Ssegirinya’s election failure and how America engineered the coronavirus. I could read sense in every word he said especially that bit where he juxtaposes the Arab revolutions and the virus. You could see America’s hand in this.

The biggest debate was about “Work Husband/Wife”. He gave himself as an example of how he has a woman he flirts with at work and how the relationship has accelerated into “bangers”.

Apparently, if your man or woman isn’t flirting with someone at work, then he/she isn’t motivated to perform at optimum.

Let me sit here and enjoy my beer as enjoy this argument.

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