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Valentine Is A Waste of Time

For all the years that I have existed, I have noticed people wasting money to do the obvious things and what is expected of them to their partners.

I do not see the whole point of buying flowers, wearing red, going on expensive dinners with someone (probably side chic or guy) you have no sense of purpose with. In fact, this day shouldn’t even be celebrated by married people because they are always together, doing the same things (probably not even making love)

My ancestors believe Valentines Day is for people who have just started dating, those who just got married or those flirting because a spark just lit up in their hearts and their organs plan on exploring each other.

That said, I will not wast my Friday in such nonsense. I will celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. I have work to do that will earn me more money to travel and drink on my birthday than spending 100k ($25) on flowers that will wither and later throw them away.

Your Bitter on Valentine,

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