Ban Labia Stretching – Hon. Ms Peace Mutuuzo

As silly as how the title sounds, that’s how our dear country, the Pearl of Uganda is.

Yes, we are because we are judged by looking at those who head the nation. I sometimes want to imagine that some ministers want to appear in the press or talked about because there is nothing like bad PR.

Our, amazing minister, Ms Peace Mutuuzo woke up on Wednesday morning (probably she has been thinking about this) and felt the traditional ceremonies performed between a woman’s thighs to elongate their spices should be banned.

For years, I have never known why women stretch their labia and I do not care to know because I am sure it’s just some local belief that it makes their men happier while having sex, but as a person who has had sex with one who hasn’t tempered with her naturality and one who took the traditional path, they are the same. It’s about how one understands God’s sweet act rather than snailing it.

I am here seated at my local bar, imagining what could have cropped on this ladies mind. Did her mother, auntie or friends misguide her or was her close relative lose a relationship because of pulling? This tradition has existed for more than Jesus’ generations and some lady who is only known in political circles until her mouth suggested spoke.

Can our traditions be practised by choice?

Concered fellow,

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