Kobe Bryant, Coronavirus, Locusts To Uganda.

What a week of tragedy it has been in the world. Some of these things you wonder why God didn’t write them on our faces so that we prepare for them.

Kobe Bryant

Lakers’ fans and NBA viewers have been struck hard with the news of the fallen hero Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash with nine others. Among the people on board were his daughter Gianna who he was training at Mamba Academy and Orange County baseball coach John Altobelli.

Coronavirus spreads to the world

Who ever imagined that we can have an outbreak with no medical solutions, worse in the second most powerful country in the world?

Chinese’s streets have gone empty since the outbreak of the coronavirus. people have been asked to stay home and take serious precautions in public. Medics say the virus can be spread even before it shows signs and symptoms. So far, 90 people have been confirmed dead and 2,000 infected.
Some cases have also been reported in the UK and US.

China is currently building an emergency hospital to handle coronavirus cases, with numbers expected to go up.

Locusts To Uganda

When daily nation published a story about East African countries likely to face the worst deserter of locusts attacks, Ugandans made fun of it calling it “manna from heaven” . Grasshoppers and locusts are a delicacy in some parts of the country, especially in the central region.

I feel sorry for whoever is seeing this as a food opportunity, these insects are going to eat their vegetables and foods, and this will take months to grow food to replace what will be lost.

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