Africa A Big Joke, Xi Jinping Translated To A Shithole.

Did you read the news on how the president of China’s name, Xi Jinping was translated to ‘Mr Shithole‘ by Facebook? Why do I think this was on purpose – who even has a dictionary that says ‘Shithole’ to mean a name?

If this had happened in Africa, I would understand because we have so many languages and some really have words that mean some really weird things that I cannot type.

Dear Facebook, I am happy to inform you that your apology to the most powerful man in Asia will not be accepted. China will surely revenge this no matter how long it takes.

Libya Peace Talks Held In Europe

This was another joke on Africa and we love being this pawn thrown around anyway. When Gaddafi saw the importance of African unity, it was a threat to many African leaders who would not allow to handover their presidential powers to some unity thing. The west knew the idea would awaken Africans and together it would be stronger to stamp out colonialism.

Here we are, we cannot solve our own problems as a continent. We, in fact, have the biggest comedy centre also known as the African Union (AU). All the chaos that happens on this continent is just talked about annually but no action takes place. No African leader is willing to risk his seat in the name of Pan-Africanism. They fear their colonial masters will withdraw funds and aid which they steal.

How did the whole of Africa shut up when America and NATO raided Libya? One president, in fact, pretended like he did not know what was happening in Libya at that time. This is what the west has done, they have brainwashed the people with their foreign ideas of governess and culture, turned people against their own systems, and they support revolutions that topple off governments they do not approve of.

I am still bothered by the fact that African problems are being discussed and solutions are being found by the west, and we Africans are enjoying our borders, feeding on corruption.


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2 thoughts on “Africa A Big Joke, Xi Jinping Translated To A Shithole.

  1. I suspect that’s the central reason the Hillary Clinton State Department arranged for Gaddafi’s overthrow in 2011.

    They knew a united Africa would serve as the biggest threat to the Western powers and their vested interests in Africa.

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