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How I Have Failed At My Resolutions 17 Days Into 2020

How do people note down their resolutions and neatly follow them through the 365 days of the year?

At the end of 2019, I promised to reduce the amount of pork and meat I feast on and how much beer I gallop. As you read this, I have just remembered that I may have just digested 20kg of pork and a drum of beer.

This is a shame to all those principled humans who diet and to my ancestors who are scared I will soon take the batton of the biggest stomach in the clan.

There are times when I want to move in Jesus’ footsteps by fasting and pray for my future and also thank God but the real devil residents in my friends who can not keep their parting excitement. They only have one job to do to get my stomach demanding and break my fasting.

Them: Daron, let’s go for pork today
Me: We go (Say a little prayer to effectively end my fasting).

I need help to reduce this and return to healthy ways.

Man in Need,

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