Why You Should Not Have Spent Money On A Graduation Party

I can already feel your agitation after reading the title because you think I am one of those people who like lecturing people about how they should spend their money. Well, I will have played my duty as a concerned citizen who comes across many who decided to party first.

When I graduated, I forced my relatives to congratulate me from my reading struggles that also included introduction to nightlife, learning how to entertain a female species, hope from one sexual partner to another and also lie about all these course works (If you haven’t done these at campus/university, you will suffer from post-adolescence era). Lucky enough, I had passed well to cover up all these experiences.

As a young chap, you need to understand the choices you have and the consequences of the decisions you make, in simple terms, your priorities.

Our economy today is a skill and hustle economy. Very few jobs will require exactly what you studied – that’s why you find people who studied IT, Business Studies anchoring your daily news, lawyers doing human resource work etc.

What To Do After University

Before you spend your three million on a graduation party, do you have a job? If no, how about you start a business or invest in a skill that is on-demand in the current market? Many youths are investing time in learning how digital works because it’s the future and many are not ready for it. No university in Uganda that teaches this yet it’s on high demand today.

This party money can change your future in a click. Funny after enjoying all the beer, meat and chicken that comes with the party, no one will give you that amount to start a business. Isn’t this so telling about Ugandans with “parte after parter”?

Secondly, do not go knocking office doors down demanding high profile jobs with high salaries. You may be lucky but you need experience first. Offer to volunteer for at least a year to learn and sell your abilities.

In short, think of investment before you spend on parties.


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