Where The Ocean Goes Dry.

This is probably the strangest thing I ever saw on my recent travel to Mombasa.

When I was a kid (even today), I was told of how Mombasa was the hub of witchcraft. We heard stories of rich men going to consult the gods of the ocean about their future businesses and bewitching their rivals, stories of women deactivating their men’s gadgets in case they intend to sleep with other women. The alien story of all times is one of how their charms raise dead bodies to carry goods and smuggle them. The things you hear about Mombasa…

That didn’t stop me ‘from hearing to seeing’. I packed my small bag and set off to the coast. No doubt it was an amazing experience and one of the things that I will forever remember is THE OCEAN DISAPPEARS AT JOMO KENYATTA PUBLIC BEACH (sorry that was screaming).

According to my itinerary, I was supposed to visit the beach on 26th, and indeed I went but to my surprise, there was a mammoth of people that I failed to board the boat that I had wanted. I returned the following morning and to my shock, the water was gone.

I was told it comes and goes after every 12 hours. This, almost made be believe the old stories.

Strange Things,

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