Pastor Mboro Went To Hell, Killed The Devil (A white man should not have brought religion).

Yap, I know what every Ugandan, Kenyan, Tanzanian is thinking immediately after reading the name ‘Mboro’. Yes, you read well and that’s the meaning. For the sake of my readers, the name means a mans’ dingling.

This is the era where you will see all kinds of pastors and prophets, telling their sheep all kind of uncoordinated things and you know what’s funny, THEY BELIEVE THEM.

I recently shared a video of one of the prophets in Uganda who was playing soccer and all his opponents were falling off at any attack. Another pastor made his congregation shower soda not forgetting another who printed underwears with his picture at the front.

What shocks me is how humans, well educated and exposed, fall for this. Are we so desperate that we can not read through obvious lines? A pastor tells you to pasture like a goat, spray your face with insecticide for a miracle forgetting you are simply “a huge mosquito going to die with time”.

Pastor sprays follows with insectcide

Do you also remember the pastor who lied to have resurrected the dead? I don’t want to go any further but one question.

Why is this happening only in Africa?


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