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Dear Tanasha Donna, Diamond Has Fame, I Have Game

In 2018, I visited NRG radio, a station based in Nairobi, Kenya where I saw this yellow babe. In a split of seconds, the purpose of the visit vanished off my head and continued staring ...
March 11, 2020
My Opinion

Diamond Platinumz To Open A Whatsapp Group For His Exes

As we read this, Diamond Platinumz might be planning on starting a WhatsApp group for all his exes or baby mamas for easy management of his scattered family. So far, he has successfully had children ...
March 9, 2020
My Opinion

Debates At My Village – Work Husband/Wife

Sitted her at my home bar with my village-mates, talking politics, feminism, coronavirus and relationships. Such conversations, of course, become more engaging with a bottle of club beer. Usually, I chair these conversations given that ...
March 6, 2020